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Meet the Team


Herbert A. Hulls, DVM

Herbert A. Hulls, DVM

Conservation: Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle, Respect
Eating healthy foods, meat included
Not littering the planet

Five Things Dr. Hulls Would Like You To Know About Him:

1. I enjoy the outdoors and nature to include backpacking, birdwatching and sky watching.

2. I like to work with my hands building, fixing and making things.

3. I love music and live performances.

4. I visit museums and enjoy visual arts.

5. I own a megalodon tooth.


Dr. Herbert A. Hulls earned his veterinary degree in 1990 from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where he also attended undergraduate school. Although born in Montana, Dr. Hulls considers himself a native Buckeye, having grown up in Ohio, where his sister and parents still reside. Childhood was full of country living and lots of animals. Interaction with cattle, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, raccoons, orphan fawns, and much more was the norm. An innate interest in science, medicine, and animals all drew him into the veterinarian profession. Upon graduation from vet school, he worked in rural western Ohio, making lots of farm calls along with treating companion animals in the clinic where he worked.

Practicing veterinary medicine at Pet Care felt natural and energizing. The attitude of providing high quality medical and surgical care to patients with sincere compassion is at the heart of our hospital’s motives. The medicine and surgery of “exotics,” which are more popular than ever, have been at the forefront during the past 10 years of Dr. Hulls’ practice. These formerly unconventional pets, which include birds, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, and amphibians, are a large source of special interest to him. A wide variety of orthopedic repairs and soft tissue surgeries have long provided him with many rewards. However, special interests in exotics and surgery only help round out the basic joys of treating the conventional canine and feline patients from puppy- and kittenhood through to their senior years.

Sarah Kimbrel, DVM

Sarah Kimbrel, DVM

What am I passionate about?

As a Fear Free certified veterinarian and an advocate for animals, I feel that it is vitally important to keep vet visits as positive as possible for our little loved ones. There are so many things that can be done at the hospital setting and at home to decrease stress and help our pets feel more comfortable. I believe that animals’ physical well-being is connected with their emotional well-being and each are essential components of what make up the human-animal bond. With the help of Fear Free techniques, I will strive to ensure that your pet gets the highest quality care.

Five Things Dr. Kimbrel Would Like You To Know About Her:

1. I grew up in a small town in rural Mississippi with 5 younger brothers. Yes, I am the only girl!

2. My interests include neurology, ultrasonography, exotics, and client communication/education.

3. I have 4 critter kids: 2 rescued pit bulls, 1 cat and 1 bearded dragon.

4. When I have some free time, I enjoy running and hiking on nature trails with my dogs.

5. I am a graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Tiffany Edwards, DVM

Tiffany Edwards, DVM

Dr. Tiffany Edwards is a New York native, born and raised outside of Poughkeepsie. She attended undergrad at the University of Connecticut (Go Huskies!) and earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Ross University. She now resides in Chesapeake with her husband and two children. After working many adventurous years as an emergency vet, Dr. Edwards became part of the Pet Care team where she is excited to focus more on long term patient care and explore her interest in exotics. Her veterinary interests include soft tissue surgery and emergency medicine. Dr. Edwards has a sweet, adorable kitty named Penelope, a fluffy snack stealing kitty named Moose, an unruly lab-mix named Liam, and a grumpy 18-year-old chihuahua named Susie. In her free time, she enjoys going to the zoo and on Disney vacations with her family, spending time outdoors (especially in the pool), riding in the Jeep with the top down, golfing, and going to breweries/wineries.

Jared M. Piper, DVM

Jared M. Piper, DVM

What am I passionate about?

I am a firm believer in the idea that the mouth is the gateway to the body and that good oral hygiene is integral to overall health. Veterinary dentistry is my passion, and my goal is for your pet to live a healthy/pain free life with all of their teeth. A wise dentist once said, “You don’t have to brush your teeth…just the ones you want to keep”.

Five Things Dr. Piper Would Like You To Know About Him:

1. My family is the most important part of my of my life, I center myself around them and enjoy every minute we get to spend together.

2. I love veterinary dentistry and am hoping to pursue a specialty in the future.

3. If I’m not in the clinic I can often be found rock climbing in a local gym, with the hopes of one day climbing El Capitan in Yosemite.

4. Who doesn’t love running 10+ miles in the mud, crawling over/under obstacles and then getting a beer when you are finished….I try to do as many Tough Mudders and Spartan races as my schedule allows. I am always looking for partners so let me know!

5. Did you know I have my own brewing company (in name only)? While it’s been awhile since I have made any beer I do enjoy making and drinking it.

Sara Jane Harrington, VMD

Sara Jane Harrington, VMD

Dr. Sara Jane Harrington has always been a passionate advocate of all animals both domestic and wild. Her fascination with their incredible ability to accept change and adapt to an ever-changing world propelled her into the world of veterinary medicine. Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, the Philadelphia native has become a strong advocate for all things furred, feathered, and scaled and strives to treat every animal with the love she gives to her own menagerie.

Fear Free certified, Dr. Harrington has been trained to use low-stress handling techniques in dogs, cats, and a variety of birds. She strives to provide high-quality, compassionate care for both traditional and non-traditional pets and even has her own Instagram page @All_Things_Exotics where she shares educational posts about exotic animal habitats, nutritional requirements, and life as a veterinarian.

She currently shares her home with a Frenchie, a pibble, a Jackson’s Chameleon, a Russian Tortoise, a Tomato Frog and one very tolerant human who helps her take care of them. When there is free time, Dr. Harrington can be found enjoying time at the beach, reading contemporary fiction, trying out new vegetarian recipes, and sometimes rollerblading.

Kelsey  Parker, DVM

Kelsey Parker, DVM

Kelsey Parker, DVM, is a big proponent of all things critter but is especially fond of cats, pigs, and birds (major chicken fan!). She knew she wanted to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine at an early age but realized it was her passion when, while living in Hawaii, experienced profound joy while working with 6 different endangered Hawaiian bird species – Akeke’e, Akikiki, ‘alala, Kiwikiu, Palila, and Puaiohi. Her experience with avian species was further broadened when she accepted a position at a bird park, working with many waterfowl and exotic birds.

Earning her degree from Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Parker understands the constant changes and challenges that are faced by the veterinary professional today. She is a believer in lifelong learning and finds the daily interactions with various species and their humans to be tremendously rewarding. Dr. Parker shares her home with two wonderful pets – a cat named Piper, and Zara, a Great Dane. When not at work, Dr. Parker can be found enjoying the Hampton Roads area many waterways, especially the oceanfront. A true nature buff, Dr. Parker enjoys kayaking, hiking, bird watching, or star gazing – after all, being surrounded by nature can be the very best medicine!

Caitlin Smith, DVM

Caitlin Smith, DVM

Dr. Caitlin Smith has both traveled to and lived in many different places, so to pick a favorite would be hard but not impossible. She found the Galápagos Islands to be absolutely breath taking. Recently relocating to Virginia from Colorado with her husband and 2 dogs, Dr. Smith is delighted to be working at Pet Care and thrilled to make Virginia her new homeport.

A graduate of the North Carolina State University veterinary school (2017), Dr. Smith finds client education to be one of the most satisfying parts of being a DVM. She is interested in learning more about exotics and is amazed at the different species who are treated here at Pet Care. Soft tissue surgery is something she excels at but is definitely interested in working with dental patients in the future.

Growing up on the beach in Panama City, Florida helped forge a strong love of water and aquatic animals such as sharks and sea lions. Naturally, her favorite pastimes are reading and being out in the water.

Office Administrators

Karen , Social Media/Marketing Manager

Social Media/Marketing Manager

While working for Norfolk Public Schools, Karen discovered a hidden talent – the ability to create campaigns and slogans that would entertain yet educate all at the same time.  Retiring as a Media Specialist in 2009 gave her the opportunity to begin working with animals and their parents in a way that would benefit them and Pet Care Veterinary Hospital as well as provide her with a new, highly creative, and challenging career.  
One of Karen’s side jobs in the ‘70’s through the late ‘90’s was free lance writing, specializing in music and the people who created it.  Working on press releases and autobiographical liner notes taught her how to creatively construct sentences that would attract even the most reluctant of readers.  Great experience that prepared her for today’s social media fans.
Working with domestic rabbits has been a mainstay in her life since her college days.  She has been involved in local rabbit rescues since 1988 and considers the rabbit to be her spirit animal.

Client Service Representatives



Five Things Carol Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Carol was born and raised in Wantagh, Long Island, NY.
  2. She has 4 grandchildren who she loves spending time with!  
  3. One of her favorite memories was shaking John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy’s hands while they were running for President.
  4. Carol never had any pets when she was growing up and resisted all until her oldest son went off to college. She is so sorry that she missed out on just how important pets are in our lives and has been making up for it ever since.
  5. She is one of many at Pet Care who share a passion for taking care of feral cats.


Five Things Janet Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Janet was born and raised in Norfolk, VA.
  2. Janet’s lifelong dream has always been to work with animals.  After taking early retirement from Norfolk Public Schools, she was given the opportunity to work at Pet Care in a CSR capacity.  This allowed her to learn more about all types of domestic animals, and to assist pet owners in achieving proper care for their pets.
  3. She white-water rafted on the New River, West Virginia.
  4. Janet graduated from modeling school where she ended up teaching for several years.
  5. She owns a signed letter from Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States from March 1933 to April 1945 during her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelts four terms in office.
Leanne , Lead Customer Service Representative

Lead Customer Service Representative

Five Things Leanne Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada.  Was a nurse for humans for 18 years before working in the veterinary field.
  2. Mom to a daughter, 1 cat and 3 dogs.
  3. Became obsessed with the tv show, Animal Planet.  It inspired her to start fostering dogs with a local rescue and she soon became hooked!
  4. Leanne loves to cook – posting her yummy feasts and recipes on Facebook is a daily occurrence. She enjoys gardening as well.
  5. The best gift she ever received was a Golden Retriever puppy she named Abby.


Five Things Laurie Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Laurie has 2 grandchildren, Nicholas and Olivia. They are the reason she moved to this area.
  2. She loves Maine and has wonderful memories of spending summers there with her grandmother.
  3. To relax, she crochets, and is trying to learn American Sign Language (ASL).
  4. She is a TVaholic – The Big Bang Theory, The Middle and Modern Family!
  5. Laurie always wanted to work for an animal hospital!  When She was old enough to work, she thought that in order to be hired, she needed a degree, so never applied.  When she moved back to Atlanta from West Virginia, she saw an ad in the newspaper for a receptionist at a veterinary clinic, applied, and was hired!


Five Things Brandy Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Brandy was born and raised in the birthplace of Mardi Gras – Mobile, Alabama. To answer your next question – Roll Tide!
  2. Her current favorite stress reliever is playing kickball for a local league.
  3. She has 3 beautiful children – son, Aiden and daughters Alyssa and Sperry.
  4. When Brandy has some spare time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, going to the beach, and dancing. She once participated in a flash mob at a strangers wedding!
  5. Her favorite gift is a bracelet with “I love you” written on it in her mom’s handwriting.  She passed away when Brandy was 22 years old.


Five Things Kim Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Has a true Noah’s Ark: 3 dogs – Lupin, Kumo, and Yuki, Bandit the ferret, 2 cats – Kohi and Miki, a Chinchilla named Tweek and a Hickory, a gerbil.
  2. Kim has always had an instinctive love for all animals and knew from childhood that she would be working with them one day.
  3. Her favorite stress relieving activities include traveling, reading, and spending alone time with her husband Sean and the entire critter crew.
  4. The best gift Kim ever received was from her mother.  As a wedding gift, her mother gave her the German Shepherd puppy that she had hand delivered.  She named him Hunter.
  5. 2021  was a life changer for Kim.  Her versatility helped her weather everything from COVID, to moving back to the United States from Japan.  Her philosophy has been “adapt to all situations’ in order to keep moving forward.


Five Things Kasia Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. My fur babies are a senior dog and a puppy, a rabbit and a 55 gallon freshwater fish tank full of angel fish, discuss, bango catfish and more.
  2. I graduated in 2016 from Longwood University with my bachelor of arts in theatre.
  3. One day I dream of pursuing my masters degree in theatre therapy and opening a theatre for children with disabilities.
  4. We have had pets all of my life, including cows and geese at my grandparent’s farm in Washington.
  5. I enjoy painting, video games and yoga in my free time.


Sunnie was born and raised in Rhode Island and has always had a passion for animals, particularly exotics.

Enthusiastically watching Animal Planet and other veterinary shows gave her the desire to work with humans and their furry, feathered and scaled buddies.

She currently is a pet parent to cats River and Kittles and a crimson bellied conure, Weetamoo, aka “Weety,” who has been her best friend for 12 years.

Licensed Veterinary Technicians

Janyce , LVT, VTS-Dentistry

Janyce, LVT, VTS-Dentistry

Five Things Janyce Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Janyce has a huge passion for learning. She will research random topics just to explore and gain a full understanding of that topic.
  2. She loves dentistry and anesthesia. She will flip a lip and do an oral exam on any animal she touches.  She has passed on her tooth passion to her kids and they, in turn, have lectured owners about brushing their animal’s teeth.
  3. Janyce will spend a great deal of time researching dentistry and anesthesia topics to share with the Pet Care team. She travels to clinics to train their teams on improving their quality of dentistry and their standards of care.
  4. Her kids fill any spare time she has.  She spends countless hours at her son’s martial arts classes. Her daughter dances and could easily spend most of her days being a fashionista ballerina diva!
  5. In what free time she may have, Janyce give her brain shut down time by watching television or listening to music.
Sarah , LVT

Sarah, LVT

Five Things Sarah Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Sarah’s passion for veterinary medicine and environmental conservation was sparked during her internships with the Virginia Living Museum and the Virginia Aquarium.  She loves all things furred, feathered, scaled and finned.
  2. An award winning young adult fiction author, Sarah’s adventure series, The Coelacanth project, features 5 Virginia teens and begins right here on the Chesapeake Bay.
  3. When not working or writing, she dotes upon her 3 cats:  Big Kitty, Little Kitty and Meowse.  Sarah and her husband love searching out new places to have fabulous adventures.
  4. Sarah’s favorite animal is a squirrel!  She loves all squirrels – grey squirrels, flying squirrels, red squirrels- and hopes to attend the annual White Squirrel Festival held in Brevard, North Carolina.
  5. One of Sarah’s goals is to one day see the wild puffins in Maine.
Perry , LVT,  Lead Technician

Perry, LVT
Lead Technician

Five Things Perry Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Perry grew up in Hampton Roads with her collection of pets including dogs, cats, horses, hamsters and chickens, and 5 siblings.
  2. Her love of veterinary medicine was sparked when she shadowed her aunt who is a vet tech in north carolina, where she learned animals need nurses too, and made that her life’s mission. She hopes to pursue specialization in clinical practice for small animals  in the near future.
  3. Fear Free methods within veterinary practice are a passion of hers,and she is proud to work at a hospital that is Fear Free certified. She is excited to use her knowledge to help her patients enjoy the vet and live their best lives at home. 
  4. Perry has a home in Portsmouth with her cat Penelope, and dog, Chance.
  5. When she is not at work, she is adventuring with her dog, reading, or learning how to garden while listening to her favorite Spotify playlists.


(Danielle is working towards completing her credentials to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician)

Five Things Danielle Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Danielle is working towards completing her credentials to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician
  2. Danielle enjoys spending time with her son, Gabriel, watching horror movies and cuddling with her dog, Madison, and interacting with her cats Pinky and Lucy, her hamster, Wilson, and her Bearded Dragon Taruk.
  3. She loves the non-stop action of working in a veterinary clinic.  Her love of all animals and her commitment to their care is what drove her to becoming a veterinary assistant, soon to be a Licensed Veterinary Technician.
  4. The best gift Danielle ever received was her dog, Jack. 
  5. Her favorite pastimes include dancing, trying new foods and going to the beach.
Kathleen , LVT

Kathleen, LVT

Five Things Kathleen Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Kathleen’s love for animals doesn’t just mean land dwelling ones. She used to be a scuba instructor and was able to be up close and personal with many marine animals including several shark species (even whale sharks!), nudibranchs, cephalopods, and turtles.
  2. Her dream vacations are scuba diving with great white sharks and a safari in South Africa.
  3. She is a dedicated pimple popper and can’t resist a good abscess draining.
  4. The vet med gene runs in her family.  Her mother was a vet assistant and one of her two wonderful nephews loves to play vet on his stuffed animals.
  5. Kathleen’s favorite holiday is Arbor Day.  She feels it is sadly overlooked and believes that caring for the planet and especially its trees is incredibly important.
Becca , LVT

Becca, LVT

Five Things Becca Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Becca studied both veterinary technology and environmental geology while at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.
  2. She is beyond passionate about environmental conservation and strongly believes that making small changes at the community level towards a cleaner environment helps to support wildlife and native ecosystems. 
  3. Becca is fascinated by honeybees and beekeeping and plans on having her own apiary in the future.
  4. She holds the unique distinction of having lived on both coasts. 
  5. Being huge cat lover – 3 cats: Ricky, Luna, Doja Cat – Becca also shares her life with her dog Franklin.
Kory , LVT

Kory, LVT

Five Things Kory Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Kory is originally from Colorado where she loved riding horses.  She even participated in rodeos.
  2. Her Petunia is a special needs cat whose spunky attitude and fighting spirit keeps Kory entertained.
  3. Kory spent many years as a Special Education teacher for the Virginia Beach School System.  She loved working at Bayside Elementary and truly misses being  an integral part of these children’s lives.
  4. Working at several shelters in both Norfolk and Virginia Beach helped prepare her for clinic life.  Although she enjoyed being a shelter tech, Kory thought it was time to move into a practice where she would be able to interact with owners as well as their pets.
  5. Kory also taught Pre-school in the public school system.

Veterinary Assistants



Veterinary Assistant

Nate began his professional life in law enforcement and worked in several sectors.  He was never able to find a good fit for his personality, so he decided to try out the business world.  He took a job working for GEICO where he stayed for 8 years.  He then worked for a small, start-up company, Snapsheet Inc., but, once COVID hit, he realized that life is too short to not be working in a field that ignited his passionate spirit.  Animals were definitely on the short list of possible careers and, since making the decision to work with them, he couldn't be happier.

Nate and his wife, Lauren, have been together for 10 years.  They've spent most of their time here in Virginia Beach and absolutely love the food choices available in the Hampton Roads area.  They enjoy trying out new restaurants and breweries and, when not eating, they relax around the house with their menagerie - Luna (dog), cats Jax, Dexter, and Princess Penelope Potts, and their bearded dragon, Mika.

As a volunteer for Evelyn's Wildlife, Nate enjoys being able to connect with nature while helping animals in need.  His answer to "what's your favorite animal?" changes all the time.  From spiders and snakes to cute baby raccoons, each one resonates with him.  Evelyn's Wildlife works with Pet Care so being able to see the full involvement when wildlife needs medical care makes his volunteer experiences so much more meaningful.

By the way, should you see Nate while here at Pet Care, ask him about his favorite type of food.  Right now it's Cajun and if you know of a really good place here in Virginia Beach, please let him know!




Veterinary Assistant

Five Things Megan Would Like You To Know About Her:

  1. Megan chose to work in veterinary medicine due to her passion for helping animals.  Her goal is to eventually open her own rescue for abandonned/abused domestic animals.  Working at Pet Care is enabling her with learning all about the different species and how to provide them with the proper habitats and nutrition they need to thrive, and how to educate those who will be adopting them.
  2. She has 2 dogs, one who periodically has seizures, and is learning all she can with regards to the appropriate responses when seizuring occurs.
  3. She is a future Licensed Veterinary Technician, currently taking classes and beyond excited at the thought of one day being able to put her newly learned skills to use.
  4. A Mexican food  aficionado, Megan will never turn down a chance to dine on tacos, burritos and other fabulous offerings.  She is also a big fan of pizza.
  5. When she has free time, Megan can be found crocheting or reading and enjoying outside time with her pups.


Five Things Laura Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Laura is one of those rare creatures here in the Tidewater area – she has lived in this area for her entire life!
  2. She has two kids who she adores.
  3. Her personal at home zoo keeps her super busy. She used to be involved in local animal rescue but had to scale back her participation due to time constraints; however, she is always willing to help when she can.
  4. For pure relaxation, she finds spending time at Bethany Beach, Delaware, is just the ticket.
  5. Being with her family and animals is something she wishes she had more time to do!


Five Things Melanie Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. She can tell you anything you ever wanted to know about Pink Floyd – they are her favorite band!
  2. She actively searches for new, local restaurants to try all over the Hampton Roads area.
  3. She graduated from the Veterinary Assistant program at Tidewater Community College in 2017 and became a NAVTA approved AVA in 2018.
  4. She enjoys spending downtime hammocking in the park, woods, beach – wherever she can hang a hammock up!
  5. She has been writing for about ten years now and has written several short stories and poems as a hobby. She loves to read and write.


Five Things Leah Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. She has a Bull Terrier named Petey and a Chincoteague pony/Quarter horse cross named Becca.
  2. Leah loves all animals and enjoys contributing to their health and welfare.
  3. She attended James Madison University and Old Dominion University.
  4. Her first job was as a dental hygienist.
  5. Leah’s dream vacation/trip is to go on an African Safari.
Sara , Floor Coordinator and Lead Veterinary Assistant

Floor Coordinator and Lead Veterinary Assistant

Five Things Sara Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Graduate of Radford University with a degree in acting
  2. Former employee of the VBSPCA – strong supporter of rescues/shelters
  3. Her pup, Gertrude, is a very busy little lady. Has a tendency to get into mischief that requires an unscheduled visit to our clinic.
  4. Knew she wanted to work in the vet field while working in the small animal department at PetSmart.  Never had pets as a child and found herself totally smitten. Accepted a job at the VBSPCA in order to broaden her critter knowledge.
  5. She is absolutely thrilled to be a Fear Free certified professional.  She believes that it is so important to maintain an emotionally healthy atmosphere for our furry friends from the moment they leave their home to come see us. As pet owners, our number one concern is for our babies to be healthy and happy.


A Few Things Amanda Would Like You To Know About Her.

1. Best gift was from God. Blessed Momma to a 4 year old little girl named Esmé who is my entire world!
2. I have my bachelor’s in Animal Science Pre-vet from the University of Vermont and an associates degree in Biology from Morrisville State College in NY.
3. I have a 4 lb pomeranian named Chip and my new bully breed pup Moxie. And a not so feral anymore cat named Fera that I moved from California to VA.
4. I enjoy the beach, hiking, live music and reading outside of work
5. I grew up on a farm and have been fostering dogs and cats since childhood so my love of animals is basically in my DNA. I have worked in animal welfare and the Veterinary field for 12 years now. Greatest accomplishment was managing a large scale Trap-Neuter-Return program where i facilitated the spaying & neutering of over 11,000 cats!


A Few Things Emma Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Graduate of Florida State University with a BS in Environmental Science and Creative Writing
  2. Has a 7-year-old dog named Darwin, a 2-year-old DSH, Chalupa and 2 snakes – Hotdog, a Ball Python and Wormy, a Kingsnake.
  3. Emma is a former zookeeper who truly enjoys working with all types of animals.  Being a part of a veterinary team ensures that she will not only be able to make a difference in the lives of her clients but form lifelong bonds. 
  4. One of Emma’s biggest challenges working here has involved getting to know all her colleagues.  Sometimes seeing someone without a mask can cause a recognition problem!


A Few Things Adrienne Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. I graduated with a BS in Environmental Science at my hometown university, the University of Mary Washington.
  2. My favorite things to do in my free time include spending time with friends and family, raising various houseplants, playing video games, painting and being out in nature.
  3. Birds are my favorite pets to work with, although I love every patient I see!
  4. I volunteer with the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response team and get to help take care of different marine animals including sea turtles and seals.
  5. My German Shepherd mix Delta, and my DMH cat Isla are the loves of my life!


A Few Things Josh Would Like You To Know About Him.

  1. Originally from Maryland, Josh is a 3 feline guy, Grumble, Sable, and Komit.
  2. His first job was at an animal shelter that specialized in geriatric dogs and feral cats.
  3. Josh is planning on attending school beginning in 2024 – wants to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician.
  4. One of his greatest achievements – he became an Eagle Scout on March 12, 2017!
  5. During his free time Josh loves to be out in nature, either at the beach or climging/hiking.


A Few Things Sherry Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Sherry’s passion for animal welfare goes all the way back to her childhood.  She helped raise many animals but the one that really sent her on her rescue mission was a kitten that she found under a stack of papers.  She was able to find a forever home for the little one, something that makes her smile to this day.
  2. The ocean is her happy place.
  3. Sherry is fluent in Spanish.
  4. She has an Associates Degree in Math and Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Pre-Vet.
  5. Her goal is to begin applying to vet schools in 2024.


A Few Things Allison Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Allison has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and worked in physical therapy as an Exercise Specialist before jumping fully into the veterinary field. 
  2. She went to veterinary school for 2 semesters but has since changed career goals and is in school to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician.
  3. Has 2 dogs, Jackie and Jessie, and 1 cat named Thomas. She absolutely adores her furry fam, but loves to learn about all the other species Pet Care treats!
  4. Enjoys weight lifting, hiking, and dance fitness. She taught Zumba for 7 years and is looking to get back into teaching again soon.
  5. Allison grew up a military brat and now she’s a military spouse who feels blessed to get to experience so many places and meeting different people!