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Meet Laura Veterinary Assistant


Five Things Laura Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Laura is one of those rare creatures here in the Tidewater area – she has lived in this area for her entire life!
  2. She has two kids who she adores.
  3. Her personal at home zoo keeps her super busy. She used to be involved in local animal rescue but had to scale back her participation due to time constraints; however, she is always willing to help when she can.
  4. For pure relaxation, she finds spending time at Bethany Beach, Delaware, is just the ticket.
  5. Being with her family and animals is something she wishes she had more time to do!


Five Things Melanie Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. She can tell you anything you ever wanted to know about Pink Floyd – they are her favorite band!
  2. She actively searches for new, local restaurants to try all over the Hampton Roads area.
  3. She graduated from the Veterinary Assistant program at Tidewater Community College in 2017 and became a NAVTA approved AVA in 2018.
  4. She enjoys spending downtime hammocking in the park, woods, beach – wherever she can hang a hammock up!
  5. She has been writing for about ten years now and has written several short stories and poems as a hobby. She loves to read and write.
Meet Emi, Veterinary Assistant
Meet Leah, Veterinary Assistant


Five Things Leah Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. She has a Bull Terrier named Petey and a Chincoteague pony/Quarter horse cross named Becca.
  2. Leah loves all animals and enjoys contributing to their health and welfare.
  3. She attended James Madison University and Old Dominion University.
  4. Her first job was as a dental hygienist.
  5. Leah’s dream vacation/trip is to go on an African Safari.


A Few Things Yzzy Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Yzzy grew up on a farm, which only enhanced her love for all animals.  She plans on going to college to begin working towards becoming a veterinarian.
  2. She believes that every animal is unique; working in a veterinary clinic simply reinforces this and enables her to interact with them in an individualized manner.
  3. The best gift she ever received she gave to herself – a house!
  4. Yzzy currently has 2 dogs:  Callie, a 2 year old Shih Tzu, and Athena, a 16 month old Pekingese.
Meet Yzzy Veterinary Assistant
Meet Sara, Customer Service Representative


Five Things Sara Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Graduate of Radford University with a degree in acting
  2. Former employee of the VBSPCA – strong supporter of rescues/shelters
  3. Her pup, Gertrude, is a very busy little lady. Has a tendency to get into mischief that requires an unscheduled visit to our clinic.
  4. Knew she wanted to work in the vet field while working in the small animal department at PetSmart.  Never had pets as a child and found herself totally smitten. Accepted a job at the VBSPCA in order to broaden her critter knowledge.
  5. She is absolutely thrilled to be a Fear Free certified professional.  She believes that it is so important to maintain an emotionally healthy atmosphere for our furry friends from the moment they leave their home to come see us. As pet owners, our number one concern is for our babies to be healthy and happy.


A Few Things Amanda Would Like You To Know About Her.

1. Best gift was from God. Blessed Momma to a 4 year old little girl named Esmé who is my entire world!
2. I have my bachelor’s in Animal Science Pre-vet from the University of Vermont and an associates degree in Biology from Morrisville State College in NY.
3. I have a 4 lb pomeranian named Chip and my new bully breed pup Moxie. And a not so feral anymore cat named Fera that I moved from California to VA.
4. I enjoy the beach, hiking, live music and reading outside of work
5. I grew up on a farm and have been fostering dogs and cats since childhood so my love of animals is basically in my DNA. I have worked in animal welfare and the Veterinary field for 12 years now. Greatest accomplishment was managing a large scale Trap-Neuter-Return program where i facilitated the spaying & neutering of over 11,000 cats! 
Meet Amanda S. Veterinary Assistant
Meet Emma Veterinary Assistant


A Few Things Emma Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Graduate of Florida State University with a BS in Environmental Science and Creative Writing
  2. Has a 7-year-old dog named Darwin, a 2-year-old DSH, Chalupa and 2 snakes – Hotdog, a Ball Python and Wormy, a Kingsnake.
  3. Emma is a former zookeeper who truly enjoys working with all types of animals.  Being a part of a veterinary team ensures that she will not only be able to make a difference in the lives of her clients but form lifelong bonds. 
  4. One of Emma’s biggest challenges working here has involved getting to know all her colleagues.  Sometimes seeing someone without a mask can cause a recognition problem!


A Few Things Adrienne Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. I graduated with a BS in Environmental Science at my hometown university, the University of Mary Washington.
  2. My favorite things to do in my free time include spending time with friends and family, raising various houseplants, playing video games, painting and being out in nature.
  3. Birds are my favorite pets to work with, although I love every patient I see!
  4. I volunteer with the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response team and get to help take care of different marine animals including sea turtles and seals.
  5. My German Shepherd mix Delta, and my DMH cat Isla are the loves of my life!
Meet Josh, Veterinary Assistant


A Few Things Josh Would Like You To Know About Him.

  1. Originally from Maryland, Josh is a 3 feline guy, Grumble, Sable, and Komit.
  2. His first job was at an animal shelter that specialized in geriatric dogs and feral cats.
  3. Josh is planning on attending school beginning in 2024 – wants to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician.
  4. One of his greatest achievements – he became an Eagle Scout on March 12, 2017!
  5. During his free time Josh loves to be out in nature, either at the beach or climging/hiking.


A Few Things Sherry Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Sherry’s passion for animal welfare goes all the way back to her childhood.  She helped raise many animals but the one that really sent her on her rescue mission was a kitten that she found under a stack of papers.  She was able to find a forever home for the little one, something that makes her smile to this day.
  2. The ocean is her happy place.
  3. Sherry is fluent in Spanish.
  4. She has an Associates Degree in Math and Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Pre-Vet.
  5. Her goal is to begin applying to vet schools in 2024.
Meet Sherry, Veterinary Assistant
Meet Allison, Veterinary Assistant


A Few Things Allison Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Allison has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and worked in physical therapy as an Exercise Specialist before jumping fully into the veterinary field. 
  2. She went to veterinary school for 2 semesters but has since changed career goals and is in school to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician.
  3. Has 2 dogs, Jackie and Jessie, and 1 cat named Thomas. She absolutely adores her furry fam, but loves to learn about all the other species Pet Care treats!
  4. Enjoys weight lifting, hiking, and dance fitness. She taught Zumba for 7 years and is looking to get back into teaching again soon.
  5. Allison grew up a military brat and now she’s a military spouse who feels blessed to get to experience so many places and meeting different people!

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