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Meet Janyce, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Janyce, LVT, VTS-Dentistry

Five Things Janyce Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Janyce has a huge passion for learning. She will research random topics just to explore and gain a full understanding of that topic.
  2. She loves dentistry and anesthesia. She will flip a lip and do an oral exam on any animal she touches.  She has passed on her tooth passion to her kids and they, in turn, have lectured owners about brushing their animal’s teeth.
  3. Janyce will spend a great deal of time researching dentistry and anesthesia topics to share with the Pet Care team. She travels to clinics to train their teams on improving their quality of dentistry and their standards of care.
  4. Her kids fill any spare time she has.  She spends countless hours at her son’s martial arts classes. Her daughter dances and could easily spend most of her days being a fashionista ballerina diva!
  5. In what free time she may have, Janyce give her brain shut down time by watching television or listening to music.

Laura, LVT

Five Things Laura Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Laura is that rare creature, a Norfolk native, and will probably always live close to the water.  Being a Navy town, native born Norfolk people are few and far between.
  2. She is a graduate of Northern Virginia Community college, 2016, and received her license shortly after.
  3. Laura has always had a menagerie of different pets growing up. She currently has 3 cats and 2 dogs, almost all of which are rescues.
  4. She has a soft spot for adopting geriatric canines and giving them the best last few years that they may have left.
  5. When not at work, Laura spends her free time reading, gardening, traveling or going on adventures with her daughter.
Meet Laura, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Sarah, LVT

Five Things Sarah Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Sarah’s passion for veterinary medicine and environmental conservation was sparked during her internships with the Virginia Living Museum and the Virginia Aquarium.  She loves all things furred, feathered, scaled and finned.
  2. An award winning young adult fiction author, Sarah’s adventure series, The Coelacanth project, features 5 Virginia teens and begins right here on the Chesapeake Bay.
  3. When not working or writing, she dotes upon her 3 cats:  Big Kitty, Little Kitty and Meowse.  Sarah and her husband love searching out new places to have fabulous adventures.
  4. Sarah’s favorite animal is a squirrel!  She loves all squirrels – grey squirrels, flying squirrels, red squirrels- and hopes to attend the annual White Squirrel Festival held in Brevard, North Carolina.
  5. One of Sarah’s goals is to one day see the wild puffins in Maine.

Perry, LVT

Five Things Perry Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Perry grew up in Hampton Roads with her collection of pets including dogs, cats, horses, hamsters and chickens, and 5 siblings.
  2. Her love of veterinary medicine was sparked when she shadowed her aunt who is a vet tech in north carolina, where she learned animals need nurses too, and made that her life’s mission. She hopes to pursue specialization in clinical practice for small animals  in the near future.
  3. Fear Free methods within veterinary practice are a passion of hers,and she is proud to work at a hospital that is Fear Free certified. She is excited to use her knowledge to help her patients enjoy the vet and live their best lives at home. 
  4. Perry has a home in Portsmouth with her cat Penelope, and dog, Chance.
  5. When she is not at work, she is adventuring with her dog, reading, or learning how to garden while listening to her favorite Spotify playlists.
Meet Perry, Licensed Veterinary Technician
Meet Danielle, Veterinary Assistant


(Danielle is working towards completing her credentials to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician)

Five Things Danielle Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Danielle is working towards completing her credentials to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician
  2. Danielle enjoys spending time with her son, Gabriel, watching horror movies and cuddling with her dog, Madison, and interacting with her cats Pinky and Lucy, her hamster, Wilson, and her Bearded Dragon Taruk.
  3. She loves the non-stop action of working in a veterinary clinic.  Her love of all animals and her commitment to their care is what drove her to becoming a veterinary assistant, soon to be a Licensed Veterinary Technician.
  4. The best gift Danielle ever received was her dog, Jack. 
  5. Her favorite pastimes include dancing, trying new foods and going to the beach.

Kathleen, LVT

Five Things Kathleen Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Kathleen’s love for animals doesn’t just mean land dwelling ones. She used to be a scuba instructor and was able to be up close and personal with many marine animals including several shark species (even whale sharks!), nudibranchs, cephalopods, and turtles.
  2. Her dream vacations are scuba diving with great white sharks and a safari in South Africa.
  3. She is a dedicated pimple popper and can’t resist a good abscess draining.
  4. The vet med gene runs in her family.  Her mother was a vet assistant and one of her two wonderful nephews loves to play vet on his stuffed animals.
  5. Kathleen’s favorite holiday is Arbor Day.  She feels it is sadly overlooked and believes that caring for the planet and especially its trees is incredibly important.
Meet Kathleen LVT

Becca, LVT

Five Things Becca Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Becca studied both veterinary technology and environmental geology while at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.
  2. She is beyond passionate about environmental conservation and strongly believes that making small changes at the community level towards a cleaner environment helps to support wildlife and native ecosystems. 
  3. Becca is fascinated by honeybees and beekeeping and plans on having her own apiary in the future.
  4. She holds the unique distinction of having lived on both coasts. 
  5. Being huge cat lover – 3 cats: Ricky, Luna, Doja Cat – Becca also shares her life with her dog Franklin.

Kory, LVT

Five Things Kory Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Kory is originally from Colorado where she loved riding horses.  She even participated in rodeos.
  2. Her Petunia is a special needs cat whose spunky attitude and fighting spirit keeps Kory entertained.
  3. Kory spent many years as a Special Education teacher for the Virginia Beach School System.  She loved working at Bayside Elementary and truly misses being  an integral part of these children’s lives.
  4. Working at several shelters in both Norfolk and Virginia Beach helped prepare her for clinic life.  Although she enjoyed being a shelter tech, Kory thought it was time to move into a practice where she would be able to interact with owners as well as their pets.
  5. Kory also taught Pre-school in the public school system.
Meet Kory, LVT
Meet Sarah J. LVT

Sarah J, LVT

Five Things Sarah Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Sarah loves to read. 
  2. Yorkies are her favorite dog breed.  Her own Yorkie is named Hunnybear.
  3. One of Sarah’s go-to fun activities revolves around Lego sets.  She truly enjoys working with these little building blocks and finds them to be an excellent form of stress relief.  
  4. The Washington Capitals, a professional ice hockey team that are based in Washington, D.C., is her all-time favorite sports club.
  5. Sarah has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician since 2015.

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