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Client Service Representatives

Carol, Client Service Representative


Five Things Carol Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Carol was born and raised in Wantagh, Long Island, NY.
  2. She has 4 grandchildren who she loves spending time with!  
  3. One of her favorite memories was shaking John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy’s hands while they were running for President.
  4. Carol never had any pets when she was growing up and resisted all until her oldest son went off to college. She is so sorry that she missed out on just how important pets are in our lives and has been making up for it ever since.
  5. She is one of many at Pet Care who share a passion for taking care of feral cats.


Five Things Janet Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Janet was born and raised in Norfolk, VA.
  2. Janet’s lifelong dream has always been to work with animals.  After taking early retirement from Norfolk Public Schools, she was given the opportunity to work at Pet Care in a CSR capacity.  This allowed her to learn more about all types of domestic animals, and to assist pet owners in achieving proper care for their pets.
  3. She white-water rafted on the New River, West Virginia.
  4. Janet graduated from modeling school where she ended up teaching for several years.
  5. She owns a signed letter from Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States from March 1933 to April 1945 during her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelts four terms in office.
Leanne, Client Service Representative


Five Things Leanne Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada.  Was a nurse for humans for 18 years before working in the veterinary field.
  2. Mom to a daughter, 1 cat and 3 dogs.
  3. Became obsessed with the tv show, Animal Planet.  It inspired her to start fostering dogs with a local rescue and she soon became hooked!
  4. Leanne loves to cook – posting her yummy feasts and recipes on Facebook is a daily occurrence. She enjoys gardening as well.
  5. The best gift she ever received was a Golden Retriever puppy she named Abby.


Five Things Laurie Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Laurie has 2 grandchildren, Nicholas and Olivia. They are the reason she moved to this area.
  2. She loves Maine and has wonderful memories of spending summers there with her grandmother.
  3. To relax, she crochets, and is trying to learn American Sign Language (ASL).
  4. She is a TVaholic – The Big Bang Theory, The Middle and Modern Family!
  5. Laurie always wanted to work for an animal hospital!  When She was old enough to work, she thought that in order to be hired, she needed a degree, so never applied.  When she moved back to Atlanta from West Virginia, she saw an ad in the newspaper for a receptionist at a veterinary clinic, applied, and was hired!
Meet Brandy, Customer Service Representative


Five Things Brandy Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Brandy was born and raised in the birthplace of Mardi Gras – Mobile, Alabama. To answer your next question – Roll Tide!
  2. Her current favorite stress reliever is playing kickball for a local league.
  3. She has 3 beautiful children – son, Aiden and daughters Alyssa and Sperry.
  4. When Brandy has some spare time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, going to the beach, and dancing. She once participated in a flash mob at a strangers wedding!
  5. Her favorite gift is a bracelet with “I love you” written on it in her mom’s handwriting.  She passed away when Brandy was 22 years old.


Five Things Kim Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. Has a true Noah’s Ark: 3 dogs – Lupin, Kumo, and Yuki, Bandit the ferret, 2 cats – Kohi and Miki, a Chinchilla named Tweek and a Hickory, a gerbil.
  2. Kim has always had an instinctive love for all animals and knew from childhood that she would be working with them one day.
  3. Her favorite stress relieving activities include traveling, reading, and spending alone time with her husband Sean and the entire critter crew.
  4. The best gift Kim ever received was from her mother.  As a wedding gift, her mother gave her the German Shepherd puppy that she had hand delivered.  She named him Hunter.
  5. 2021  was a life changer for Kim.  Her versatility helped her weather everything from COVID, to moving back to the United States from Japan.  Her philosophy has been “adapt to all situations’ in order to keep moving forward.
Meet Kim Customer Service Representative


Five Things Kasia Would Like You To Know About Her.

  1. My fur babies are a senior dog and a puppy, a rabbit and a 55 gallon freshwater fish tank full of angel fish, discuss, bango catfish and more.
  2. I graduated in 2016 from Longwood University with my bachelor of arts in theatre.
  3. One day I dream of pursuing my masters degree in theatre therapy and opening a theatre for children with disabilities.
  4. We have had pets all of my life, including cows and geese at my grandparent’s farm in Washington.
  5. I enjoy painting, video games and yoga in my free time.

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