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Herbert A. Hulls, DVM

Meet Dr. Herbert A. Hulls Veterinarian at Pet Care Veterinary Hospital

Conservation: Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle, Respect
Eating healthy foods, meat included
Not littering the planet

Five Things Dr. Hulls Would Like You To Know About Him:

1. I enjoy the outdoors and nature to include backpacking, birdwatching and sky watching.

2. I like to work with my hands building, fixing and making things.

3. I love music and live performances.

4. I visit museums and enjoy visual arts.

5. I own a megalodon tooth.


Dr. Herbert A. Hulls earned his veterinary degree in 1990 from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where he also attended undergraduate school. Although born in Montana, Dr. Hulls considers himself a native Buckeye, having grown up in Ohio, where his sister and parents still reside. Childhood was full of country living and lots of animals. Interaction with cattle, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, raccoons, orphan fawns, and much more was the norm. An innate interest in science, medicine, and animals all drew him into the veterinarian profession. Upon graduation from vet school, he worked in rural western Ohio, making lots of farm calls along with treating companion animals in the clinic where he worked.

Practicing veterinary medicine at Pet Care felt natural and energizing. The attitude of providing high quality medical and surgical care to patients with sincere compassion is at the heart of our hospital’s motives. The medicine and surgery of “exotics,” which are more popular than ever, have been at the forefront during the past 10 years of Dr. Hulls’ practice. These formerly unconventional pets, which include birds, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, and amphibians, are a large source of special interest to him. A wide variety of orthopedic repairs and soft tissue surgeries have long provided him with many rewards. However, special interests in exotics and surgery only help round out the basic joys of treating the conventional canine and feline patients from puppy- and kittenhood through to their senior years.

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