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Online Pet Memorials

The loss of a beloved pet companion can be just as hard as losing a human friend or family member. Sometimes pets are all the family that some people have had. There may have been a deep bond between human and pet and each truly loved and cherished each other. It is just as important to take care of yourself when a pet dies as when you lose a human family member - even more so because non pet owners might not understand your grief.

One way to take care of yourself is to make a memorial.

A memorial is a wonderful way to remember a lost pet. It is a place to keep alive the memory of your special bond with your pet. A memory page helps with the grieving process. We make it easy to make an online memorial.

We hope you view the Memorials at Pet Care Veterinary Hospital by using our search feature below. If you have any questions or problems making a memorial, contact us OR

Would you like to share your pet with us? We would love it! Click here to upload your pet pics.

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Pet Care Veterinary Hospital
Birthdate : 2011
Date of Passing : 3/14
In Loving Memory

Oddly enough Jessica and I found Stretch at the pet store. I had to have him because his color makings were just so close to Georg
Pet Care Veterinary Hospital
Zhu Zhu
Birthdate : 4/01
Zhu Zhu is a fun energetic Australian Shepard. Born in April 2014. Found her forever home in Dec 2015. She is a spunky little girl
Pet Care Veterinary Hospital
Birthdate : Dece
Date of Passing : DOD
In Loving Memory

Tucker is my Velcro bunny. Follows me everywhere, loves to be held, doesn't like Samantha Jane Waffleton because she bit him,
Pet Care Veterinary Hospital
Birthdate : 03-1
We love Max! Best cat ever!
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