Pet Care Veterinary Hospital

Client Service Representative


Things Carol would like you to know about her.

  1. She has been a Pet Care employee for over 25 years!
  2. She was a former bank employee before joining Drs. Fisher, Hulls, and Partlow in the 1990’s.
  3. She has 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren, all of whom she dotes on.
  4. Feeds the stray cats that live in the forest area behind Pet Care. Does it every day, no matter what the weather is like.

My determination to continue living life as normally as possible, while maintaining my strong work ethic, helped carry me through the past year and a half.

I never had pets when I was a child. In 1990, my husband was a Kiwanis member who volunteered at the local shelter. He brought a dog home who ended up being the physically sickest little pup ever. Later, we adopted a Golden Retriever named Rusty and I brought him to Pet Care. Long story short, I started working here and have never looked back.


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Things Leanne would like you to know about her.

  1. Was a nurse for humans in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for 18 years.
  2. Has 1 tripod pooch, 1 goofy canine, 1 sweet senior lady pup and a beautiful kitty.
  3. Became vegan, along with her teenage daughter, due to their love of all animals.
  4. Wanted to work with animals after becoming obsessed with the tv show, Animal Planet.


Things Laurie would like you to know about her.

  1. Was an office manager for a veterinary clinic in Georgia for 19 years before relocating to Virginia.
  2. Always knew she wanted to work with animals. When she was old enough to get a job she thought she needed a college degree to work for one so she didn’t apply until she moved back to Atlanta from West Virginia. It was then she saw an ad in the newspaper for an animal hospital receptionist, applied for the job, and 22 1/2 years later, she’s still working in the business!
  3. Has 1 senior kitty, Zoey, that she recently adopted from a local shelter.

Crocheting and learning American Sign Language.

Her grandchildren.


Things Brandy would like you to know about her.

  1. Worked as an administrator for a physical therapy facility.
  2. Didn’t know she would love working with animals until coming to Pet Care. Now, there’s no going back!
  3. Has 1 feline, Josie, 2 daughters and a son.


Things Sara would like you to know about her.

  1. Graduate of Radford University with a degree in acting.
  2. Former employee of the VBSPCA – strong supporter of rescues/shelters.
  3. Her pup, Gertrude, is a very busy little lady. Has a tendency to get into mischief that requires an unscheduled visit to our clinic.
  4. Knew she wanted to work in the vet field while working in the small animal department at PetSmart. Never had pets as a child and found herself totally smitten. Accepted a job at the VBSPCA in order to broaden her critter knowledge.

Patience. It was a new experience for everyone, clients and employees alike, and that made things difficult for all. Having the patience to thoroughly explain all of our new procedures and the reason behind these changes was key to helping all parties involved move through the new frustrations we faced. It also helped us maintain the level of trust we have worked so hard over the years to develop.

I am absolutely thrilled to be a recent student of Fear Free animal care. It is so important to maintain an emotionally healthy atmosphere for our furry friends from the moment they leave their home to come see us. As pet owners, our number one concern is for our babies to be healthy and happy. Facilitating a routine specifically tailored to your pet’s needs is the most important way we can maintain that expectation. Whether it be peanut butter as a distraction, special placement in the exam room, or preferred textural surfaces, giving your pet exactly what it needs to feel good here ensures that we are able to administer the best possible care. And at the end of the day, that’s what we all want!


Things Bria would like you to know about her.

  1. 2020 graduate of Old Dominion University. Degree in Communications with a minor in Media and Public Relations.
  2. Is a proud owner of two Pomeranian pups, Simba and Sophie.
  3. Her favorite stress reliever is listening to music.
  4. The best gift she ever received were Sophie and Simba, because, in her words “without them I would be lost”.

Even though the pandemic has been stressful for everyone, I have found that being upbeat and positive has carried me through some very tough situations.

I knew I wanted to work with animals since I was a kid. My mom would often get mad at me for bringing home strays and convincing my dad to let me keep them! I have always loved animals and the unconditional love they give.

Hours of Operation

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