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Flea and Parasite Control for Your Cat

Fleas are common in cats and do more than just cause the cat to itch. For cats with flea allergies, an infestation can lead to inflammation, severe itching, and hair loss. Kittens can die of anemia if severely infested with fleas. By the way, it takes just one swallowed flea to lead to tapeworms. Tapeworms are the most common internal parasite in cats.

Although heartworms are often thought of as an issue for dogs, they can also be found in cats. If left untreated, they can lead to irreversible damage to blood vessels, lungs, and heart. Both indoor and outdoor cats can become infected with heartworms. Signs vary but can include vomiting, coughing, and respiratory problems.

Ear mites, hookworms, roundworms, and ticks are also a problem for cats. The key is to regularly give preventive medication and schedule routine checkups with us. Talk with us to decide the most effective treatment to control the problem parasites in the Hampton Roads area.

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