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Annual Physical Exam for Birds

An important part of a new bird veterinary visit is the physical exam itself. Eyes, ear canals, oral tissues, upper respiratory tract, skin, feathering, musculature, abdominal palpation, and listening with a stethoscope to the lungs and heart, as well as examining the vent/cloacal area, are all part of the physical examination. During the physical, we often provide nutritional education and tips and suggestions on avian behavior and environmental enrichment.

As far as laboratory testing, the answer really depends on:

With any new bird, a baseline laboratory evaluation should include a fecal parasite exam, a fecal and choanal Gram’s stain to check for abnormal bacteria or yeasts, and a general health blood profile, which checks red and white blood cells, protein, liver values, kidney values, calcium, phosphorus, glucose, electrolytes, and cholesterol.

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