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Meet the Veterinary Staff at Pet Care

Pet Care Virginia Beach Staff

Peter G. Fisher, DVM

Five Things Dr. Fisher Would Like You To Know About Him:

1. I admit my decision to stop eating meat in August 2016 came about more as a healthy life choice vs. a 'save the animals' soapbox. Now in my mid 60's, I have put a lifetime of eating meat behind me and not only feel better but also enjoy knowing that I am sparing those domestic farm animals with feathers or hooves.

2. I have always enjoyed being outdoors and much of my time off at home involves a knack for gardening and landscaping; preferably under a majestic sky with a cool breeze to heighten my senses. While on vacation my idea of a good time is getting up before dawn and catching the sun rise as I head for a solo hiking adventure--- just me, the wind and the vistas and sounds of nature.

3. As an international speaker on Exotic Companion Mammals I have been fortunate to travel to Russia, Germany and Austria and China. The best things about these opportunities is meeting and networking with my veterinary colleagues from around the world. As veterinarians we share a special bond that transcends language barriers and homeland politics.

4. I have no artistic talent whatsoever. However, art fascinates me, and I do have a great appreciation for the creative talent of others. I love the blend of colors and shadows and how varied strokes and lines create a person, animal or scene. Amazing! I try to visit art museums whenever I am on the road for either business or pleasure.

5. I don't watch much TV, but I do love to read. I may be crazy, but I get more pleasure reading about a TV show vs. actually sitting down and watching one. I like both fiction and nonfiction, but lately have leaned toward historic works; what happened, who was involved and the results as we know them. I like to be learning as I read but don't get me wrong, a well-written novel that takes me to places of fun and fantasy..... I dig that too.

What am I passionate about?

For those who know me... I am a bit of a type A person; not necessarily a bad thing for a doctor to be a perfectionist. This probably explains my passion for providing exemplary service. Two things I love:

  • When clients tell me that they appreciate our excellence in providing health care and how caring and friendly the hospital staff is. AND....
  • Smiles! Our pets make us smile and I love it when a sick pet responds to treatment AND everyone, but especially mom and dad, smiles.

A couple of the little things that keep me passionate about veterinary medicine. Was my chosen profession a calling? I just like to say, "It's what I do." READ FULL BIO

Pet Care Virginia Beach Staff

Herbert A. Hulls, DVM
Dr. Herbert A. Hulls earned his veterinary degree in 1990 from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where he also attended undergraduate school. Although born in Montana, Dr. Hulls considers himself a native Buckeye, having grown up in Ohio, where his sister and parents still reside. Childhood was full of country living and lots of animals. Interaction with cattle, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, raccoons, orphan fawns, and much more was the norm. An innate interest in science, medicine, and animals all drew him into the veterinarian profession. Upon graduation from vet school, he worked in rural western Ohio, making lots of farm calls along with treating companion animals in the clinic where he worked. READ FULL BIO

Pet Care Virginia Beach Staff

Andrew D. Bean, DVM

Five Things Dr. Bean Would Like You To Know About Him:

1. The best present I ever received was a t-shirt my wife had custom-designed. It depicted a cartoon guinea pig pooping in the shape of a heart. Yes, I’m that much of a guinea pig nerd.

2. I usually have children's music stuck in my head. Right now it's "You're Welcome" from the movie Moana. That's what happens when you're a former musician with two young kids.

3. I’m making my way through Patrick O’Brien’s Aubrey-Maturin books about the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars (they were the basis for the Russell Crow movie Master and Commander). I’m currently on book 18 out of 21, having started about a year and a half ago. The companion glossary and atlas have permanent positions on my nightstand.

4. I'm a stickler for pronunciation, especially when it comes to names. If I have ever asked you have I should pronounce your name, chances are I've also put the phonetic spelling into your file so I don't screw it up in the future.

5. When my wife and I took our honeymoon to Iceland and Sweden, I brought along a textbook on avian medicine to peruse. I really like to study.

What am I passionate about?

Through dedication and compassion, I elevate the standard of exotic companion mammal practice and care. READ FULL BIO

Pet Care Virginia Beach Staff

Jared M. Piper, DVM

Five Things Dr. Piper Would Like You To Know About Him:

1. My family is the most important part of my of my life, I center myself around them and enjoy every minute we get to spend together.

2. I love veterinary dentistry and am hoping to pursue a specialty in the future.

3. If I'm not in the clinic I can often be found rock climbing in a local gym, with the hopes of one day climbing El Capitan in Yosemite.

4. Who doesn't love running 10+ miles in the mud, crawling over/under obstacles and then getting a beer when you are finished....I try to do as many Tough Mudders and Spartan races as my schedule allows. I am always looking for partners so let me know!

5. Did you know I have my own brewing company (in name only)? While it's been awhile since I have made any beer I do enjoy making and drinking it.

What am I passionate about?

I am a firm believer in the idea that the mouth is the gateway to the body and that good oral hygiene is integral to overall health. Veterinary dentistry is my passion, and my goal is for your pet to live a healthy/pain free life with all of their teeth. A wise dentist once said, "You don't have to brush your teeth...just the ones you want to keep". READ FULL BIO

Pet Care Virginia Beach Staff

Catherine M. Wallace, DVM

Five Things Dr. Wallace Would Like You To Know About Her:

1. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, I went to veterinary school in Scotland and fell in love with the country. I can still hear the highlands calling my name and my "second degree" I got there was in Scottish whisky!

2. Cooking and baking are family traditions and have become a stress outlet for me, much to the delight of everyone at Pet Care.

3. I am a huge geek and will attend comic or anime conventions when my schedule allows. I spend too much time in front of a screen on my days off.

4. While I thoroughly enjoy working with all types of animals, dogs will always hold the largest piece of my heart. I often use their seemingly endless enthusiasm and love as inspiration, as well as their ability to shake off stress (literally).

5. I was one of those kids who was excited to get a microscope for Christmas. I've always known science would be a major part of my life, and I'm thrilled that I've been able to combine this with my love of animals.

What am I passionate about?

As an ambassador for both science and medicine, I firmly believe in maintaining open lines of communication with all my clients and their pets. I strive to provide compassionate, high quality medical care to my patients and will always be a strong advocate for your pet. Together I want to work with you to attain the best possible outcome for your family. READ FULL BIO

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