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K. Wingfield, DVM, MPH, MS

K. Wingfield, DVM, MPH, MS

What am I passionate about?

Each person on this Earth has the capacity to be kind. Find a way to be beautifully human, and give without any expectation aside from knowing you blessed another living being (person, animal, or plant) in need. Genuine charity or philanthropy should not be self-serving or only help those close to us, nor does it have to be broadcast for accolades. Spread some light into the world! "Make a difference about something other than yourselves." -Toni Morrison

Five of Dr. Wingfield's favorite life-guiding thoughts of reflection:

1. "Courage is fear that has said its prayers." -Unknown

2. "You cannot be a person of purpose yet entertain a life of foolishness." -RC Blakes, Jr.

3. "If you have never taken a loss then you are fighting below your appropriate weight class." -Judge Lynn Toler

4. "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." -Aristotle

5. "Being thoughtful or courteous does not equate to being weak or a doormat. There is strength in carrying oneself with tactfulness, integrity, and dignity in the face of rudeness and ignorance." -K. Wingfield


Dr. Wingfield comes to us with a unique background. She is a former military officer who also has years of experience working in private industry and for the federal government. She holds a BS in Chemical Engineering, and a MS in Technology Management. Dr. Wingfield finally decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian while working as a Quality Engineer for the Department of Defense, and her interest in public health arose while employed at the Food and Drug Administration. She obtained her DVM from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine while simultaneously completing her Master of Public Health (MPH - Infectious Disease Concentration) from Virginia Tech, both in 2019. Dr. Wingfield has an interest in various animal species and plans on gaining more proficiency in treating a myriad of species while at PCVH. Dr. Wingfield is an advocate for veterinary preventive medicine, but also has an interest in nutrition, wildlife medicine and conservation, zoonotic diseases, geriatrics, and marine/aquatics medicine. She considers herself an introvert (and is quite comfortable in this realization!) Her personal interests include music, reflective reading, enjoying live theatrical productions, traveling, exercising, trying new foods/recipes, sharing laughs with family and friends...and she also has a special knack for styling hair!

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