The Behavior Corner

Dr. Jill D. Partlow

Dr. Jill D. Partlow and Kyle Partlow

As a veterinarian I have treated many animals who have exhibited anywhere from mild to severe behavioral problems. I quickly developed an interest in learning how to solve and then assist owners with correcting these negative behaviors.

Being a member of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior allows me access to information gleaned from other veterinarians and animal behavioral specialists who are currently studying why pets do what they do and how to positively change the aberrant behavior. Here at Pet Care I schedule time for private behavioral consults with the owner(s) and their pet(s). However, before this happens, the owner(s) is asked to fill out a behavior questionnaire. This is a list of questions designed to help me assess the behavioral issues. Since the history of the animal is so very important I ask that the owner fill out the form completely, adding as much detail as possible. This enables me to gain insight into what could be going on. After reading over all of the form information an appointment is scheduled with the understanding that the whole family, along with their pet, attend. We then work as a team to try and correct the problem.

In order to further help clients with pet training I will be adding  articles on pet behavior that will appear in this special section. 

Thank you,

Dr. Jill Partlow

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