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Rusty Valensisi

The staff here at Pet Care Veterinary Hospital wrote these  articles to help educate and answer many of your questions about the care of your pet. 

We have created three videos that will assist you in taking care of your cat.  “How to Give a Cat a Pill”, “How to Give a Cat Sub-Cutaneous Fluids at Home” and “How to Trim a Cat’s Nails” are all at the bottom of this page.  Simply scroll down and click on the play button.

Prevention of Calcium Oxalate Bladder Stones in Cats 

Controlling Parasites in your Pet

Feline House Soiling:  Causes and Concerns

Prevention of Feline Struvite Bladder Stones 

Kidney Disease ~ Chronic Renal Failure

Kitten Health Care

New Products Help Deter Misbehavior 

Protocol for Cats with Elimination Disorder

The Public Health Significance of  Toxoplasmosis

Put Away That Thread

Treats List for Cats