Pet Care Provides Specialized Orthopedic Expertise

Orthopedics is the branch of medicine and surgery that deals with the skeleton, joints, and associated soft tissues — joint capsule, muscle, ligament, cartilage, and tendon. Numerous orthopedic conditions affect our veterinary patients.

We categorize orthopedic problems into the cause of the disorder and by the structure that is affected. Some of these disorders are congenital, which means the animal is born with the problem. Other orthopedic conditions can occur during development and growth and are influenced by a genetic predisposition; hip dysplasia is a classic example of this. Trauma to the skeletal system is a frequent cause of orthopedic disease and can result in fractures, bruising, and stretched or torn soft tissues. Infections with certain microorganisms can cause joint disease, most notably tick borne illness such as lyme disease. Some immune disorders, as well as cancer, can also cause orthopedic disease. Occasionally, metabolic disorders can lead to orthopedic problems.

Read what the doctors at Pet Care have written about orthopedics:

Arthritis is a commonly diagnosed orthopedic condition that increases with advancing age. Arthritis is often secondary to other orthopedic disorders such as trauma, torn ligaments, or developmental abnormalities such as hip dysplasia.

There are lots of possible reasons for orthopedic disease in animals. At Pet Care, we offer a variety of diagnostic and treatment options for many of these problems. Our patients often benefit from our efforts at repairing broken parts of their orthopedic system. We also have success using medication to minimize the discomfort associated with skeletal problems. Please call us at 757.473.0111 to discuss any of your pet’s orthopedic problems.