Wellness Veterinary Care from Juvenile to Senior

To ensure your pet companion’s well-being throughout life, Pet Care has developed a number of wellness programs to not only assess the physical condition of your pet, but to also foster a healthy living lifestyle. Spaying and neutering, dietary and weight management, oral and dental health, appropriate exercise and joint care are all important aspects of keeping our pet friends happy throughout their lives and into their senior years.

The Early Years

Pet Care has created a juvenile wellness program that evaluates the health of dogs and cats less than one year of age. The program is designed to not only ensure present day health, but to start a partnership between owners and their pets to initiate habits that maintain a healthy living lifestyle. A routine blood panel evaluates the primary internal organs and can be used for spay/neuter pre-surgical screening.

The Midlife Years

For our companion animal’s adult years (three to seven years of age) we have designed a wellness program to evaluate overall health at midlife. A blood and urine screening sets the stage for evaluation of the major body systems so that any problems can be caught early in order to begin any necessary lifestyle changes. Body condition scores (for proper weight review), dental and oral health assessments, arthritis screening, hair coat analysis are all included in this wellness plan.

The Senior Years

Senior pets are just like people in that their response to aging is variable. Starting at seven years of age Pet Care Veterinary Hospital offers a more comprehensive senior wellness program. A thorough physical exam evaluates any skin or subdermal lumps and bumps that may have appeared, oral health assessments look for periodontal disease or presence of unhealthy gum tissue, body weight and joint health are measured, and cardiac and internal organ exams are made. Our goal is that your companion lives a happy and healthy life to its fullest potential.

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