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Born 10/2
Lady joined our family as a Christmas present to our son, from his now departed Grandma Liz. She is definitely slowing down physically, but is a puppy at heart. She has grown leary of the kennel and vet visits, but teveryone is so patient with her. Wouldn't have her treated anywhere else...
June Bug2015-11-06
Our lovable English Bulldog June Bug!
Born July
We had her for two days before she broke her foot. Now 6 weeks later she is a healthy little girl!
Born 11/0
Cisco is a rescue I've had since 2011.
Born 08/1
Jarry was a rescue I've had since 2013. He was diagnosed with diabetes in late 2014.
Born 9-18
Thanks Dr. Fisher and Dr. Partlow. Bella is so shy and timid around anyone!!!! You take that into consideration and let her hide up in your shelves or wherever she can find refuge. Great care!!! Thank you!!! Laura House and Charles Wickersham
Born June
Bailey ...
Dr. Fisher just has the majic touch to deal with this guy!! haha... he's a great kitty - but can be a bit of a challenge to vets. No problem with Dr. Fisher!!!! Wow!
In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

Oddly enough Jessica and I found Stretch at the pet store. I had to have him because his color makings were just so close to Georgia, our doggie. Stretch got his name from stroking him down his back he would stretch out as far as he could and yawn. Georgia and Stretch got close and I know she misses him as much as I do. We are both heart broken when he left. I do know he was amazing little guy and will always be a happy part of my life. Thank everyone at Pet Care Hospital for my lovely card. It was personal and heart felt. Mary Crawley "Mom to Piglet Stretch"
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