Skilled Veterinary Care for Your Pet Bird

A well-qualified avian veterinarian can be an invaluable ally in helping you maintain the health and well-being of your pet bird. Birds need more than a loving home — to keep them mentally stimulated and in the best of health they need such things as an appropriate diet, a stress-free environment and plenty of toys inside of a large, airy cage. In order to make informed decisions you need to have a veterinarian you can talk to. The doctors and staff at Pet Care Veterinary Hospital are a team that is always willing to help find the answers to your questions concerning home management, foraging tips, proper diet, disease prevention and breeding.

While most birds do not receive annual vaccines like dogs or cats, they do benefit from regular veterinary care. You should bring your bird in for an annual examination to check for illnesses that may not be visibly apparent, and to get an overall assessment of your bird’s health. Our doctors are able to provide you with important nutritional counseling, as many of the major health problems in pet birds are associated with diet deficiencies. Unfortunately, many books and the internet contain misinformation about bird diets, and many owners only feed their birds traditional seed diets.

Our doctors have written numerous articles to assist you in making informed choices. We want your pet bird to have a long, healthy and happy life.

See what the doctors at Pet Care have written about birds:

Helpful Websites

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Avian Services

At Pet Care we offer the following services for birds:

  • Annual physical
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Husbandry (basic care) counseling
  • Fecal parasite evaluation
  • Gram stain bacterial analysis
  • Cultures for bacterial analysis
  • Blood profile evaluations
  • Psittacosis (chlamydophila) testing
  • Blood or endoscopic sex determination
  • Surgery
  • Beak and feather disease testing
  • Polyoma testing
  • Aspergillus testing
  • Grooming of nails, wings and beak
  • Full diagnostic work-ups