Camp Bayside Offers Outstanding Doggie-Daycare

You work all day. Your dog stays at home. Then you come back to a stressed out dog, who is standing amid the destruction of house or yard, and to neighbors who complain of it’s barking and howling because of separation anxiety. This scenario could be prevented so easily by enrolling your best friend in Bayside Kennel’s doggie daycare, Camp Bayside. Please give Bayside Kennels a call at 499-7697.

Camp Bayside is a fully-staffed facility that offers a variety of physically engaging activities for your dog. We provide a closely supervised, safe and stimulating environment, in which healthy dogs can interact and exercise with one another. Our clients run and play in a grassy fenced in area, the perfect place to work off all that excess energy. The bonus of daycare comes at the end of your long day at work, when you pick up your happy, tired and well-socialized dog.

Bayside Kennels:

  • Screens all applicants
  • Places your dog with similar dogs
  • Has a policy on vaccinations and overall health requirements

We set aside areas for isolation, so that when a dog becomes ill or seems to be “acting up”, we can remove it from the general population and avoid problems with other dogs.

We have some dogs who play with other dogs, others who prefer to play ball or run and jump, and some who prefer to just hang out with our staff and get extra attention all day long. We are dedicated to making your dog happy, in an environment where she or he can thrive. We understand that each dog has its own individual personality, preferences, and needs. Our goal is to make Camp Bayside a positive experience for you and your friend.