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Fynn and the Jellyfish

Fynn Moreira and his dad took a little stroll along the ocean front this morning.......being a pup of a certain age, Fynn thought that chomping down on a jellyfish might be a really cool thing to do. He can now tell you with 100% certainty that jellyfish are not good things to eat. After some profuse vomiting, which scared his dad, Fynn came to see Dr. Starke for a once-over. Yep, this cool dude is wagging his tail now..

Eating that jellyfish totally irritated Fynns digestive tract which caused him to vomit. Fynn was given fluids (to help flush out anything that had not already come out) and had his blood drawn (CBC) to make sure that there was no inflammation going on. Hopefully this little guy learned his lesson and wont be eating any more sea creatures.....

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